Wasted Time

Many people have said that they have wasted their time before doing activities that were not meaningful to them. It could be that they did not do anything to reach their long-term goals or they think they could have done something more productive. For some people, they believe that they must optimize their time. Since time is limited, it makes sense that some people would place more value on specific activities that would help them grow. In their point of view being passive does not accomplish anything.

On the other hand, personally, I do not believe that time can be wasted. I believe that any activity that consumes my time can be beneficial. This can range from sleeping to just simply not doing anything. I think that any activity that I do benefits me in several ways. I am always planning my next move when I am not doing anything that is considered to be a waste of time. I avoid dedicating my time to being always productive because in a way it is limiting. I do not feel free when my time is considered productive because sometimes it is not what I want to do. When I am doing other activities like watching videos, it affects my mood to work on projects or assignments.

I do not see any restrictions on how to spend my time because I devote myself to a particular task. I believe that every activity you spent your time on can result in consequences, but I take that into account when allocating my time. Every second devoted to something affects my ability to do well in the future.