There would be certain periods throughout my life where I would feel stuck on something. I would not be able to decide on what to do because I cannot commit myself to something. I would essentially be stuck in deciding my next move on something. Time would pass but I could not make a decision on what to do. This leads to me spending a lot of my time on things that I could have completed sooner. In a way, it feels like a mental block that absorbs parts of your time before it heals.

I have noticed that this feeling of being trapped ranges from not being able to concentrate on a topic to eating slower. When this happens, time just passes by and I cannot do anything to escape it for a while. In some cases, I am negatively impacted because it takes some of my time away that I could have spent on other things. Eventually, there would be a point where I just decide to do it and power through whatever prevented me from accomplishing my task.

I believe that this state of being trapped is the result of me not willing to dedicate some of my time to something. Additionally, I also become stuck when I have a lot of free time but I do not have a goal in mind. In the future, I would like to prevent this because it does not give me the ability to control my time.