Memories of the Past

While listening to music, I always find myself thinking of certain moments that remind me of events I did in the past. The songs bring me back in time to moments of time to when I was listening to those songs. It is a way to recall memories that happened when I was using music to accomplish a task. It reminds of how much in my life has changed since I last heard the song.

It is not a specific genre of songs that remind me of a certain event in the past, but specific songs. The selection of songs that I listened to was impacted by other external factors that occurred at the time. As a result, I manage to link the songs to specific events because of how often I listened to them while studying or doing assignments. The events are not limited to when I first heard the song, but it is easier to connect memories when I listen to a new song for the first time because there is a chance that I’ll replay it often.

I find my connection with music interesting because when going through a playlist or listening to multiple songs, I am always going through many memories that occurred at different points of time. I look forward to how the music I listen to today will change over time and give me a new perspective on the events I did in the past.