Final Reflection

As we come to the end of this semester I started to think about how my perception of time has changed since the first class. I used to think that I had a clear understanding of time. I thought about time in terms of the way most of us are taught to think about time, which is in terms of the past, the present, and the future. For me, time was something that I hadn’t given much thought about. Because of school, I usually thought of time in terms of my own routine. I’d think about what I would have to do today, or what upcoming assignments I would have due, and how I would manage my time to ensure I had enough time to complete my assignments. When I wasn’t thinking about my schoolwork, or work in general, I would think about how much free time I had to do the things I wanted.

Taking this class really allowed me to understand that time is a social construct. It has allowed me to think of time in ways I have never thought of before. I remember learning about the different ways our own body keeps time. I thought it was interesting to think about how things like our eating schedules, sleep cycles, and even menstrual cycles are different forms of timekeeping. When I was in high school, the times of day where I ate were a lot more consistent than now. During that time, I usually ate three meals a day at around the same time each day. When I got to college, this routine really changed. Since I am a commuter, I don’t have a meal plan, so f I do eat I would usually eat out, but there are times where I would skip out on lunch. On days where I have classes back to back, I don’t really have a chance to have a meal. Skipping out on meals had really changed my eating schedule. I was so used to eating homemade meals at certain times of the day, but because of my schedule now, I find myself eating out more. Our class discussions allowed me to think differently about my own body, and how it has changed over time. I was especially surprised when we discussed menstrual cycles, and puberty, because this is something I never even considered.

Another discussion we had that I found really intriguing was the discussion of the sounds of time. This discussion was really interesting, and I think enjoyable. I think that most of the time we are so preoccupied with our daily lives that we do not stop to think about the different sounds we hear daily. Personally, the sound of busses, or trains, passing by lets me know of the passage of time. In the mornings, I pay particular attention to the bus because it is the form of transportation I use to get to school. I listen to see if I can hear if the bus has passed, so I know if i’ll be late. Similarly, I live near a train station, so I would often hear the trains passing. This is an indicator of the passage of time, although I never really paid much attention to it. In one of my blog posts, I discussed how animals can be a form of telling time. Roosters, for example, are really good indicators of time. If you live in the countryside, roosters are helpful in telling when it is morning. When I was in D.R., I was not used to hearing the sounds of roosters in the morning, but for many of my other family members, this was something that they were used to. It’s really fascinating to see how our perceptions of time can be affected by the area in which we live in.

Overall, I think this class has been a really great experience. It’s been really helpful in urging me to think about my experience with time in a different way. I’ve also come to realize that time is not exactly linear like I had previously believed it was. If I were asked the question “what is time?” again, my answer would be different than the answer I had on the first day of class. I may have a better understanding of time than I did on the first day, but I still believe that time is difficult to define.