Final Blog Post

Throughout the semester, I have seen different perspectives on time and how other people perceive time. When I first started this course, I did not consider how different time is interpreted in different cultures or places on the planet. I only considered how my time worked but not the other time of people. Each class session was fascinating to me because I learned how people measured time or organized their time around it. It was interesting how the way we organize ourselves around time changed based on new technologies or cultural practices. It made me realize that our time is different from others. Additionally, everyone’s’ perception of time is different from each other. We do not always react to the same thing exactly the same, each person has a different sense of time.

While it was mostly fictional, Einstein’s Dreams gave me another point of view of how time would affect our lives if worked differently. Each dream world illustrated a society that revolved around time. While each dream seems to have people that are happy with their lives, there were also people who lost themselves in the time of that specific world and were never able to live comfortably. They were always trying to use the time in their world to be happy but in some cases, it made them even sadder. These stories made me think about how many people in our world think about our concept of time. It made me think about how many people are unhappy with their lives. They do not have any way to control time but they most always plan around it. If given the choices that other people had in Einstein’s Dreams, would they do something to escape our current time? This question made me realize that time is not the same for everyone.

The different ways of time also fascinated me. I had known about several of the objects we studied in class but I did not understand how people used them or why they decided to use them. It also gave me another perspective about each of the cultures because I had become accustomed to the daily objects of time that we use daily. They were always there throughout my life, but I never decided to study on where exactly they came from or how everyone agreed on a specific system of the time. My research on the Chinese Calendar was interesting to me because I had been curious about the Chinese Calendar and its origins. In my research, I saw how a calendar structured a particular society and affected people’s daily lives. The idea of a lunisolar calendar was new to me. I knew that our calendar was solar based and I liked learning about a calendar that incorporated both aspects, lunar and solar. In my research, I also learned about the zodiac animals, their connection to the calendar, and how people planned their actions around the twelve-year cycle.

This course made me think about what time really is. I never really questioned why the concept of time was formed. I just had lived my life around our concept of time and watch each day pass. However, the class gave me a new way to define what time really is. I believe that time is personal and that each person experiences time a different way. It is never the same for everyone because each individual perceives things differently.