In one of my previous blog posts, I wrote about the journey and the destination of anything that eventually ends. In that blog post, I described how difficult it may be to let go of something after spending a long time with it. That despite having the ability to restart the journey, it would never feel the same as the first time and at a certain point you have to move on. It almost feels like you are stuck in the past without a way to find a way to escape.

One of the things that I would do to reduce those feelings would be to discover new things. By discovering new things you can find another thing that occupies your time for a while. Especially when you do not have anything to do. It has the potential to allow you to discover something that you might enjoy. It could also give you a new experience that could impact how you see the same types of art, music, or games.

Similar to one of my previous blog posts, I was stuck on finding something else to do that I basically have not played any other games. I had become stuck in the past that I would not seek anything else to do. I think that sometimes there is a reluctance to move on that it ends up affecting you negatively. I plan to prevent something like this from occurring or make it happen less often by discovering new things. Each new thing would give me a new experience even if I do not like it as much.