Time Heals All Wounds

“Time heals all wounds” is a common phrase used in western culture to describe the process of overcoming pain- both physical and emotional. As discussed in class yesterday, while pain can be severe during its foundation, its strength diminishes with the passage of time. A broken bone is healed when it is given time to mend. Sore legs become stronger as lactic acid disappears. The death of a loved one is easier to grasp with more time to process emotions. With the onset of pain, health is hard to picture; however, time ushers in emotional and physical healing.

This passed weekend, I competed at LaSalle University in Philadelphia, PA. Unfortunately, I slipped and injured my shin. As I watch this wound heal, I am aware of the passage of time. I am unable to practice until the scrape heals, so I have a lot of time to think while I am working out on my own. Instead of occupying my time with training, I find myself watching my teammates progress while I sit on the sidelines. As time heals my wound, I know I am getting closer to training again. While I am unhappy with how I have to spend my time right now, I will be on the diving boards soon enough.

Additionally, I am reminded of all the scars I carry from previous injuries. The marks on my shin will fade, but scars leave lasting expressions of passed pain. My scars, from multiple knee surgeries that ended my gymnastics career, remind me of a difficult time in my life. As time takes care of my physical ailments, time also serves to elevate the emotional trauma endured through countless surgeries. I am not a huge fan of clichés; however, as I reflect on my life and various injuries, I may have to agree that time does heal all wounds.