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What is a “Time Journal?”

This online forum will be used to share ideas about time throughout our semester together.  It is designed to itself be an experiment of time: A new journal entry will be posted on each day from the beginning of the semester until our final class meeting.  Writing, especially diary and journal writing, can be conceptualized as an attempt to stop time in the present or to capture something about the past in order to contemplate, critique and engage with the present or affect the future.  Finding time to write regularly will allow us to tap into these ideas about the temporality of writing as well as to practice mindfulness about how we use our time – and our contemporary technologies – meaningfully.  We will share our ideas in “real time” as we publish our blog entries each day.  A blog is a temporal genre that marks the date of each publication and lists its entries chronologically.  We will thus be able to track our thoughts about time over the course of the semester and look back at the temporal arc of our explorations.  By the end of the semester, the blog itself will be both a time capsule and a memory – a memento – from our semester together.


For over two millennia, human beings have been asking enduring questions about the nature of time, the ways in which time might best be structured, how to use time wisely, and how to change temporal habits.  These questions are not merely academic or theoretical; they matter, and they are timely. 

THEO 4050 is a course devoted to exploring the topic of Time from inter-disciplinary and inter-cultural perspectives.  

We begin by exploring interdisciplinary debates about time across the sciences, arts, and humanities.  Then we turn to the global history of clocks, calendars, and chronologies, as they were developed and used from antiquity to modernity in different parts of the world.  We end by exploring debates about the value of rest, leisure, diversion, free time, serving time, and other timely matters. 

Exploring time through an interdisciplinary and intercultural lens will help us contextualize our own relationship to time within a long history of time and temporal reckoning.  We will finish the semester empowered to make informed, bold, and ethical choices about how to use the time that is ours.

Time Journal Blog

Memory Can Be Funny

Memory is a tricky thing for humans to grasp. It is such a natural element of our consciousness, yet is such an incredible phenomena. It both helps us develop our skills through trial and error, and helps us connect with others through shared experiences and events. Memories can be vivid, or hazy. They can be …

Adaptation and Time

Time keeping can be a tricky thing in film. As a film major, one of the first things you asses about a film is the narrative time in which it takes place, keeping track mostly of the points where is speeds up, and absorbing the material that is exposed when it slows down. A lot …


If you have questions about course material, the class blog, other assignments or readings, or if you want to talk about time-related matters, please feel free to be in touch with Professor Gribetz by email or come visit office hours.